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Life may have changed...


Torah Chinuch should not.  Your child NEEDS Chinuch that you can count on!


Online Cheder provides full day online learning, all year long.

While many schools are struggling to meet their students' needs in the new reality of distance learning, we started before any pandemic existed and found the way that works, the way to inspire your child.

Online learning is different from classroom learning. It takes creativity and skill to keep children engaged and the regular approach to classroom discipline doesn't cut it. Online teachers must be able to find ways to keep kids captivated while learning in order to ensure their success. 


Online Cheder provides small classes that inspire children and make them want to be in class.  We partner with parents to ensure that our students' chinuch and spiritual needs are met, so that they can fully absorb what they are being taught.


We strive to ensure that:

  • Each child is given the ability to learn in the way that truly reaches them.  This takes knowing each talmid, their strengths and challenges and how best to inspire them to grow and succeed. 


  • Learning Torah is a fun and meaningful experience when presented in a way that is understood and internalized by the student.


  • All subjects, Chumash with mefarshim, Mishna, Tanach, Gemara and all aspects of Toras Chayim are meaningful to the child and that the Torah's instructions and real messages are absorbed by students.


  • The power of maasim, stories, are used fully. Nothing drives home a point or inspires Yiras Shomayim like a story, partly because nothing fascinates us like a story. Children love stories and nothing makes them realize the greatness of the Torah way of life and Stories of the Avos HaKedoshim, Aggadeta and stories of Tzaddikim. Stories can give children Yiras Shomayim, practical and meaningful understanding of halacha and hashkafa and can help them understand that the Torah is Toras Chayim, the way of life. When teaching is rewarded with enthralling stories, very little time and energy needs to be spent on 'classroom discipline', children love to learn, and remember what they have learned.

We believe in meeting the needs of each individual student. Limiting class size to no more than 12 students allows us to ensure that each child's educational needs are being met.

We believe that chinuch should be reliable and provide stability and continuity in the life of a child. So much has changed in our world in the last 6 months. Schools have opened and closed in various locations as communities have struggled to make sense of the new reality. Throughout it all, Online Cheder took place every single school day with our regular staff - and we continued to meet and even surpass our curriculum goals. You can count on us.

Last school year was a huge success, as our students covered an unusually large amount of learning material in an engaging, fun and pleasant way. This year join us so that your son too can enjoy making huge strides in his Torah learning.


Send us an email at for a free 15 minute consultation to see if Online Cheder is the right place for your child.




🔹 Reignite your child's passion to be a Torah true Yid in the fullest sense

🔹 Make learning inspiring, we find out what each student likes and work with them through their strengths and interests.  This lets them take in a lot more and build skills quickly and happily.

🔹 STABLE LEARNING - We haven't taken a weekday off since the new matzav.  We are here for you and your child. 

🔹 Emphasis is placed where it should be, on building skills and on developing Yiras Shomayim and a love for Torah.



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