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We are committed to the growth and success of each and every bochur.  Please contact us with regard to our programs for 13-16 year old bochurim, which makes Gemara accessible, motivational and enjoyable.

We don't fly through subjects and leave bochurim hanging.  We explain Gemara, using real examples or by talking out scenarios in ways that are relevant to bochurim.  Tosofos is gone into step by step, analyzing the questions, where each question comes from and more.  A bochur will come out with a love of Gemara and a deeper understanding of the issues.  Emphasis is placed on Torah being Hashem's Torah, with practical lessons and instructions that inspire one to grow personally, as well as in learning. 

Emphasis is placed on covering a wide scope of practical halacha, understanding the reasons for certain halachos and skill building so that bochurim can learn and succeed on their own two feet.


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