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A dynamic Girls School in which girls are taught Yiras Shomayim, the all-important mission of each Bas Yisroel and to be motivated in learning and in connection to Hashem.  

The school makes learning enjoyable and accessible and emphasizes skill building and the need to be able to learn and understand material on one's own.   Hand in hand, this must go with making talmidos excited about learning.  Moreover, their connection with Hashem is of utmost importance and great emphasis is placed on this, just as well and as thoroughly as would be found in any of the best chedorim.

The Girls School places special focus on understanding and internalizing lessons learned.  Chumash and Tanach are life lessons and messages that Hashem has transmitted to us.  Davening is our real connection to Hashem and proficiency in day to day Halacha is a must and the basis for a house of light and warmth for all generations.    


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