Our Methods:


  • Each child is given the ability to learn in the way that truly reaches them.  This takes knowing each talmid, their strengths and challenges and how best to inspire them to grow and succeed. 


  • Learning Torah is a fun and meaningful experience when presented in a way that is understood and internalized by the student.


  • All subjects, Chumash with mefarshim, Mishna, Tanach, Gemara and all aspects of Toras Chayim are meaningful to the child and that the Torah's instructions and real messages are absorbed by students.


  • The power of maasim, stories, are used fully. Nothing drives home a point or inspires Yiras Shomayim like a story, partly because nothing fascinates us like a story. Children love stories and nothing makes them realize the greatness of the Torah way of life and Stories of the Avos HaKedoshim, Aggadeta and stories of Tzaddikim. 




Chinuch without compromise is a way of life in our boys cheder.  Meeting the needs of each child is why we are here.  

One child will be inspired by Pirush HaMilos, the explanation of the words of davening.  Another is inspired by stories, stories which serve as living examples of closeness with, dedication to and awe of Hashem.  

We do not overburden the child with outside writing and pressures and thereby chas vsholom stifle all desire to learn.   We discuss Gemara, we ask and answer - and encouarge - questions.   





Our Staff:



Rabbi Pinchas Scheiner is a veteran teacher, starting in Oholei Torah over 30 years ago and his career has included key positions in a few states.  He is known for understanding each child and for finding the best way to gain their attention and learn.   A key passion of his has been to make sure than no child chas vsholom falls through the cracks.  His scope of knowledge and the chayus with which he approaches chinuch and his ability to inspire through story telling are outstanding.

Rabbi Yomin Postelnik has a strong track record in administration and in making sure that each child's needs are met, working tirelessly to meet the needs of each student.  Administering a NY cheder and seeing the need to provide an online component for talmidim is what led to the founding of Online Cheder in 5779.  He has served as financial director and then administrator of Chok L'Yisroel, a school that's also dedicated to the chinuch of each child.  His ability to explain material and to make learning fun is a key strength to the cheder.  His strong koach hahasboro, ability to explain, has benefited  adults through ShiurEnjoyment.com, the Tzemach Tzedek Shul in Tsfat and some of his lectures are available at OnlineKollel.com.  This same ability has motivated talmidim of all ages and makes learning enjoyable.    He also encourages melamdim to take to heart Klolei HaChinuch vHahadrocha and to incoporate this treatise into positively inspiring each talmid while steadily encouraging them to grow.


Rabbi Shmuel Birenbaum is a dedicated teacher who has taught at Tzeirei HaShluchim Tsfas, Yeshivas Tmimei Darech and other places.  He also gives widespread shiurim in adult education.  He is dedicated to teaching the growing generation and to inspire our youth.


Rabbi Zevi Wineberg is an experienced outreach director, shliach and maggid shiur.  He focuses on the lessons and the meaning of each subject learned for each student, stimilating lively discussions that make learning relevant, understood and inspiring.  A renown lecturer at Ascent, Yeshivas Tmimei Darech, head of the Chasidus teaching at AQM Tsfat, among others, Rabbi Wineberg brings talent and experience to Online Cheder.

Reb Shlomo Lebowitz has dedicated over a decaded over a decade to programs that lift up people of all ages and from all walks of life.  His start in Chinuch began when he founded and directed the very successful children's davening and learning program at Chabad of New Haven, helping it grow to over 50 children. 


Shlomo has a warmth that makes him very approachable. He has brought his talents around the world organizing and administering educational programs for schools, Chabad House camps and old age programs. In all of his projects, Shlomo brings his positive energy to everyone he encounters and is always looking to uplift others.


Our Results:



* Happy and Productive Students

* Students Who Love Learning

* Wide Range of Material Covered and Remembered



Over the span of a year, our 10/11 year old boys covered:

- Chumash, posuk by posuk, learning each word as well as indepth discussion - Parshiyos Shemos through Terumah

- 6 Mesechtos Mishnayos, discussing many relevant halachos

- An Entire Tractate of Halachos from Ketzos HaShulchan

- Pirush HaMilos to make Davening meaningful

- Several Dapim of HaMeiniach - a strong introduction to Gemara, including acting out the situation

- Tanach with the lessons learned from each event

- Stories to inspire Yiras Shomayim

- More...

Please email onlinecheder@gmail.com or call 917-830-3364 to register or for information.