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Chinuch That Inspires...

Here are some key methods that inspire and make Gemara understood, enjoyable and motivating.


Enjoy a collection of our skits that bring the issues discussed and Hashem's Will in financial matters to life.  View our innovative stories that explain the Gemara and are written with the participation of our students.  Also see our review sheets and the standard of learning and explanation that we seek to provide to your child.  


This is only part of the plan.  Other methods include making learning real and accessible for each student, using the method that works best for each talmid and touching on subjects and methods that bring home the message to each.

Skits that Bring Home the Message:

An Innovative Shiur - Two Shitos Come to Life:

One of Our Stories Based on the Gemara - Written With Student Participation:

A variety of review sheets and notes:

To read any sheet, right click and choose "open picture in new tab."  Then enlarge as desired.