Chinuch Without Compromise



"Our son gained not just in academics but also in his confidence to learn and in general.  The rebbi established a connection with our son that went beyond the class."  ~ Rabbi Zvi Bass


Learning was with an excitement and true dedication.

"The classes are super interesting, engaging and fun! the teacher is extremely patient and deeply passionate about teaching. he is always changing things around based on the students needs and interests. my son came out with tons of information and a love and excitements for learning!" ~ Mrs. Chanie Feigin 

"Online cheder has been a huge gift for me and my boys during this challenging pandemic.  I have had a lot if experiences with educators online and in a Yeshiva setting, and I deeply appreciate the teacher's kindness. patience, and positivity.  He takes special care to ensure my boys are excited about their learning and engaged.  I also deeply appreciate him teaching and explaining the depth of Tefilos. It is so important to me just my boys are given the tools to make davening a meaningful experience." ~ Mrs. Sarah Meretsky

"My kids really like the school.  Teachers work hard to make lessons interesting for students."  Mrs. Basya Wolkenfeld


Our Learning Method:


Encouraging students to really understand the meaning behind the Gemara is essential.  Here's one example - an indepth explanation of the derech of Rav and the derech of Shmuel, how it applies to every one of their arguments and what each teaches in a practical way:

What is Chinuch?


Not education, but dedication.  The need to inspire and enliven each child.